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The 5 Best Fancy Hands Alternatives in 2024

Looking for an alternative to Fancy Hands for hiring a virtual employee? Compare Fancy Hands to MyOutDesk, Delegated, Wishup, and more competitors.

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In today’s ever-evolving landscape, time is no longer the luxury it once was. Professionals and entrepreneurs alike find themselves perpetually swamped, their to-do lists overflowing with urgent tasks and personal errands. Delegating responsibilities has become essential, and virtual assistants (VAs) have emerged as highly sought-after figures in this time-strapped battle. While Fancy Hands has established itself as a prominent player in the VA domain, discerning clients seeking bespoke solutions will be intrigued to discover a variety of compelling alternatives. 

This blog delves into the five best Fancy Hands alternatives, each meticulously selected for its unique skill set, competitive pricing, and strong commitment to client satisfaction. Prepare to reclaim your precious hours and vanquish your ever-growing to-do list, with the ideal virtual assistant company for your unique needs.

The 5 Best Fancy Hands Alternatives For Hiring Virtual Professionals

  • MyOutDesk
  • Delegated 
  • Wishup
  • Zirtual
  • Ask Sunday

What is Fancy Hands

Founded in 2010, Fancy Hands was one of the pioneers in the virtual assistant space. It carved a niche for itself by offering on-demand, task-based assistance, perfect for anyone needing a helping hand with errands, scheduling appointments, or booking travel. Fancy Hands assistants, known as “Helpers,” were directly employed by the company, ensuring quality and consistency.

However, as the virtual assistant landscape has evolved, some users have begun exploring alternatives for various reasons. Pricing plans at Fancy Hands can be steeper than competing platforms, especially for those needing regular ongoing assistance. Additionally, the task-based model may not suit individuals seeking a more comprehensive virtual assistant experience, such as project management or administrative support.

1. MyOutDesk  

Launched in 2008, MyOutDesk takes a different approach than Fancy Hands. Instead of one-off tasks, they specialize in long-term partnerships with dedicated virtual assistants. Think of it like hiring a remote employee who learns your needs and preferences over time, leading to smoother communication and higher efficiency. Their VAs boast a broader skill set, tackling everything from admin tasks and project management to social media and content creation. Plus, you can easily adjust your workload or swap for a different specialist within the MyOutDesk network as your needs evolve.

However, this dedicated partnership model comes with a higher upfront investment compared to Fancy Hands’ pay-per-task structure. MyOutDesk involves monthly retainers for a set number of hours, making it less suitable for those needing occasional or unpredictable assistance. Ultimately, the choice between them boils down to your specific needs: a dedicated, comprehensive assistant? MyOutDesk. Occasional help with basic tasks? Fancy Hands might be a better fit. 

Pricing: Starting at $1,988/month for 40 hours per week


  • Strategic Talent Partner: Takes away the burdens of HR by handling recruiting, vetting, security, equipment, and more. World-class risk mitigation.
  • Agile Workload: MyOutDesk excels at scalability. Easily adjust the number of VAs based on fluctuating needs, ensuring you’re never over or understaffed.
  • Specialized Skills: MyOutDesk connects you with a diverse pool of professionals, each with expertise in various areas. Access specialized talent without the burden of training new employees.


  • No Part-Time: MyOutDesk does not offer VAs for part-time roles. To maintain focus and reliability for their clients, they favor full-time roles for VAs serving a single client.
  • No US-based Virtual Assistants: While some providers have US-based assistants, MOD only employs overseas VAs. This is to ensure a wider talent pool while maintaining cost-effectiveness and flexibility with hours of availability.
  • Not project-based: MOD only does permanent assignments, and places talent over the long term. Cannot outsource entire functions to them, their focus is on individual contributors to support your in-house experts.

2. Delegated

Unlike Fancy Hands’ task-based model, Delegated focuses on long-term partnerships with dedicated virtual assistants. This personalized approach provides clients with a consistent point of contact who proactively learns their needs and preferences. Their assistants possess a broader skillset, tackling not just errands but also administrative tasks, project management, and even some personal requests.

Compared to Fancy Hands, Delegated caters to clients seeking a more comprehensive virtual assistant experience. Clients have the option to interview potential assistants before committing, ensuring a good fit in terms of personality and skillset. However, this dedicated approach translates into a different pricing structure – Delegated operates with monthly retainers for a set number of hours, which may be less suitable for those needing occasional or unpredictable assistance.

Pricing: Starting at $1,200 per month for 25 hours of work


  • Boosting Client Focus: Delegated’s dedicated virtual assistants take administrative tasks off your plate, allowing you to prioritize core business activities.
  • Finding Your Perfect Partner: Delegated prioritizes a personalized approach, matching you with a virtual assistant who understands your specific needs and preferences, fostering better collaboration.
  • Beyond Errands: Delegated’s services extend beyond basic task completion. They offer a comprehensive range of support, including administrative tasks, scheduling, email management, research, and more, catering to varied business requirements.


  • Prioritizing Digital Communication: Delegated primarily operates through digital channels. While this suits many, those who prefer in-person or voice-based interactions may find it less adaptable.
  • Investing in Dedicated Support: Delegated’s dedicated virtual assistant model may involve a higher cost compared to platforms offering diverse freelancer options or project-based services.
  • Planning for Availability and Scalability: Depending on demand and availability, securing your ideal virtual assistant may involve a waiting period. Additionally, scaling up or down service demands could necessitate adjustments to your assigned assistant.

3. Wishup

Wishup takes a different approach than Fancy Hands by offering a marketplace of virtual assistants with diverse skill sets, rather than focusing on on-demand tasks. Clients browse profiles and choose assistants based on their specific needs, ranging from admin and project management to social media and content creation. This allows for greater flexibility and specialization compared to Fancy Hands’ task-based model. WishUp also boasts competitive pricing options, including both hourly rates and pre-bundled packages.

However, the sheer volume of assistants on WishUp may require more upfront effort in finding the perfect fit. Clients need to actively navigate profiles and potentially conduct interviews, unlike Fancy Hands’ curated matching process. Additionally, the variety of assistant skill sets and pricing structures can require careful vetting and budget planning to ensure a good match.

Pricing: Starting at $899 for 4 hours/day


  • Tailored Talent: WishUp’s extensive network allows you to find highly specialized virtual assistants (VAs) with precisely the skills you need. From social media management to technical expertise, you can access a wider range of talent compared to platforms offering general-purpose assistants.
  • Flexible Engagement: WishUp provides various engagement options, including hourly rates, pre-packaged hours, and even dedicated team models. This flexibility lets you adapt your VA support to your evolving needs and budget without being locked into rigid plans.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: WishUp’s competitive pricing structure can be more cost-effective than other platforms, especially for long-term or specialized needs. By directly browsing profiles and choosing assistants based on their rates, you can find a good fit that aligns with your budget.


  • Active Effort Required: Unlike platforms with curated matches, WishUp requires more upfront effort from clients. You need to actively search profiles, compare skills and rates, and potentially conduct interviews to find the ideal VA.
  • Quality Consistency: With such a vast network, the quality and experience of VAs can vary. Thorough vetting and clear communication are crucial to ensure a successful partnership.
  • Management Needs: Managing a dedicated VA or team may require additional time and effort compared to utilizing on-demand task services. Setting clear expectations, managing workflows, and providing feedback are essential for optimal results.

4. Zirtual

Zirtual excels at streamlining administrative tasks through its network of skilled remote professionals. Renowned for its professional and reliable service, Zirtual takes pride in personalized matching – connecting businesses with virtual assistants who possess the precise skills and expertise they need. Round-the-clock availability means support is always there, regardless of time zones or locations, making Zirtual a popular choice for many businesses.

However, the virtual assistant landscape is vast, and some might find reasons to explore alternatives. One consideration is cost. While Zirtual delivers exceptional value, it might not always be the most budget-friendly option for individuals or smaller businesses. Additionally, those requiring highly specialized skills or industry-specific knowledge might need to look beyond Zirtual’s network. As businesses evolve, demand for niche virtual assistant services catering to areas like marketing, content creation, or graphic design has surged. Exploring alternatives to Zirtual empowers users to discover solutions that precisely match their unique needs and priorities.

Price: Starting at $549/month for 12 hours


  • Personalized Support: Zirtual assigns dedicated virtual assistants who work solely with each client, fostering a deep understanding of their needs and preferences. This individualized approach can lead to smoother communication and collaboration.
  • Improved Productivity: Offloading administrative and operational tasks to Zirtual’s capable assistants frees up valuable time for clients to focus on core activities, potentially boosting overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Scalable Assistance: Zirtual allows businesses to adapt their virtual assistant support as their needs evolve. Whether increasing or decreasing hours, this flexibility can be advantageous for dynamic organizations.


  • Cost Structure: Compared to other virtual assistant options, Zirtual’s service fees can be higher, potentially making it less accessible for budget-conscious clients.
  • Regional Availability: Access to Zirtual’s services may be limited to specific regions, which could restrict its suitability for businesses located outside those areas.
  • Single Point of Contact Reliance: Depending on a single virtual assistant can present some risks if that individual becomes unavailable or leaves the company. Potential service disruptions or a need to re-establish rapport with a new assistant should be factored in.

5. Ask Sunday

Unlike Fancy Hands’ on-demand task-based approach, Ask Sunday focuses on offering flexible, recurring virtual assistant support over a weekly plan. This provides clients with a dedicated assistant who tackles a broader range of tasks beyond simple errands, including administrative support, email management, scheduling, travel arrangements, and even research and social media assistance. This personalized, ongoing connection allows the assistant to truly understand and anticipate client needs, potentially leading to smoother communication and higher efficiency.

Compared to Fancy Hands’ pay-per-task structure, Ask Sunday’s weekly plan offers predictability and potential cost savings for clients requiring regular, ongoing support. However, the weekly commitment may not be suitable for those needing occasional or unpredictable assistance. Additionally, Ask Sunday’s assistants operate primarily during weekdays and business hours, while Fancy Hands provides 24/7 service for urgent tasks. Ultimately, the choice between Ask Sunday and Fancy Hands boils down to individual needs and preferences. If you require comprehensive, ongoing virtual assistance with a dedicated point of contact, Ask Sunday might be a compelling option. If you need help with occasional tasks or prioritize 24/7 availability, Fancy Hands might be a better fit.

Pricing: Starting at $129/month for 10 hours


  • Dedicated Assistance: Ask Sunday connects you with a single virtual assistant who becomes your personal support partner. Expect proactive task completion and a deep understanding of your needs and preferences over time.
  • Beyond Errands: Dive deeper than simple tasks. Your Ask Sunday assistant tackles administrative duties, email management, scheduling, travel arrangements, research, and even social media assistance, freeing you to focus on bigger priorities.
  • Predictable and Potentially Cost-Effective: Unlike pay-per-task models, Ask Sunday’s weekly plan offers cost predictability and potential savings for regular ongoing support. Budget your virtual assistant needs with clarity.


  • Weekly Commitment: This isn’t a drop-in, drop-out service. Ask Sunday’s weekly plan may not be ideal for infrequent or unpredictable assistance needs. Consider your typical workload before committing.
  • Business Hours Focus: While occasional weekend work is possible, your Ask Sunday assistant operates primarily during weekdays and business hours. 24/7 urgent task help might not be available.
  • Learning Curve: Building rapport and effectively delegating tasks with a new assistant takes time. Be prepared for an initial adjustment period while you and your Ask Sunday partner find your groove.

Fancy Hands Alternatives: The Bottom Line

Fancy Hands may reign supreme when it comes to on-demand tasks, but beyond its narrow use are a diverse variety of virtual assistant services, each vying to serve your unique needs. 

MyOutDesk charms with dedicated, long-term partnerships and an arsenal of diverse expertise. Zirtual, a beacon of premium assistance, offers personalized support around the clock. Delegated stands poised to tailor solutions and proactively manage your workflow. WishUp, a thriving marketplace, empowers you to discover specialized talent amongst its vast pool of virtual assistants. And for those seeking comprehensive, ongoing support, Ask Sunday’s tailored weekly plan awaits. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make after a thorough evaluation of your task needs, budget, and expectations. We hope this informative blog sheds enough light on the matter to guide you toward the virtual assistant of your dreams.

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