6 Stages to a 7 Figure Business, Part 4 – Social Media

By: Markel Madrigal | Updated: February 26, 2020
group of social media marketers working together at a table

Your business/brand needs a presence on social media. For most business owners this can be a time/labor-intensive task. Utilizing a Virtual Professional to manage social media presence can be one of your business’s highest returns.

First set up your Virtual Professional with access; it’s important to give them an orientation on how you handle social media yourself. This will allow your Virtual Professional to gain some insight into your thought processes and he/she will be able to take this into account when carrying out tasks.

Virtual Professional Tasks:

  1. Researching and Drafting Content – Social media is a content-driven environment. People expect you to churn out value, even at 140 characters.
  2. Building & Managing your Network – Ask your Virtual Professional to follow / friend / connect with new people based on your business criteria.
  3. Keeping Your Social Media Profiles Up-To-Date – All social networks update their design on a regular basis. These changes can pass you by if you’re not looking out for them.

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants successfully generate leads from Social Media for our clients EVERY SINGLE DAY. They stay on top of Social Media platforms and accounts, keeping track of each opportunity and ensuring that each inquiry is answered as quickly as possible. They provide leverage by focusing their time on Social Media constantly generating leads so their clients can close the deals.

The consumer’s process has shifted dramatically as Social Media has become a need and is so ingrained into our society that it has changed our lives, the way we communicate, and the way we run business. This is why Real Estate leads must be generated to adjust to this shift. The internet and Social Media have opened new doors for research and lead generation.

Millennials, or buyers under 30-something, now make up 66% of the market for first-time home buyers. The tide has shifted as 99% of buyers have moved online to research properties, before contacting a

REALTOR ®. This means to attract both buyers and sellers; you need to reach out and engage with them online. Social media is the ideal forum to do this in.

There are 2.34 billion social media users around the world and 81% of the U.S. population has at least one social media profile. While traditional marketing like email is still relevant, social media is essential for both reaching potential clients and building relationships with existing customers.

If you’re not already utilizing social media for your business, you need to catch up as the chances are that your competition is. A 2017 Statista survey of 5700 marketers revealed that nearly 70% are developing loyal followers of their brand via a strong social media presence.

While it’s easy to create a social media page for your business and even get some likes and followers, the work doesn’t stop there. Users are increasingly demanding customer support and quick responses through social media. According to Social Media Today, Facebook users commenting on a brand’s page expect a response within 24 hours, if the comment is based on a complaint, the expected response time drops to under an hour.

Keeping on top of the increasing demands and expectations of social media users can be difficult when you’re trying to maintain the day-to-day running of your business. A popular post can receive hundreds of questions and comments containing potential leads that you want to follow up.

Social media has become crucial for business and it’s now expected that companies should have a robust social media presence. While outsourcing the running of your social media accounts to a marketing agency or hiring in-house is an option, it’s also an expensive one. A virtual marketing professional can free up your time to concentrate on your business, and also free up your budget to create quality shareable content and targeted social media advertising.