6 Stages to a 7 Figure Business, Part 5 – Business Outcomes

By: Markel Madrigal | Updated: March 4, 2020
myoutdesk virtual receptionist working with her team

Defining Business Outcomes is unique to MOD and allows us to quantify the impact of Virtual Professional on your business.  With Business Outcomes, both sides understand what success means. Don’t hire a Virtual Professional without Business Outcomes.

We use 5 Business Outcomes that impact your business that is shown in the dials graphic of the next page. Grow Revenue. Reduce Costs. Increase Productivity. Improve Quality. Enhance Customer Experience.

When we discuss your Business Outcomes, we’ll choose an outcome like Revenue, then identify an ‘ Object of Control’ . If I am a solar company that might be the number of solar consultations I conduct. Next, we need to decide on the ’ Unit of Measure ’ which could be in the case of the solar consultation an actual number or a percentage year over years. We might choose a 50% increase in solar consultations as our ‘ Unit of Measure ’.

Then the last thing is the ‘ Contextual Clarifier ’ or how the VP is going to help move the needle. The ’Business Outcome Statement for the solar example would be Revenue Growth: 50% increase in Solar Consultation – 2 MOD ISAs doing prospecting and circle dialing.

Business Outcome Statement

Example: Revenue Growth – 50% Increase in Client Consultations – 2 MOD ISAs doing prospecting and circle dialing.

  • The object of Control (defines what is being measured)
  • Unit of Measurement (specific last years unit to this years unit)
  • Contextual Clarifier (describes the condition under which the measure is relevant)
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