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How to use a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents

Tim Macy of The Tim Macy Show features MyOutDesk owner and CEO Daniel Ramsey for a conversation on How to use a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents. We address common questions and concerns with the tasks you can delegate and leverage to your Virtual Assistant, along with tactics you can immediately implement to scale and grow your business.


Real Estate Agents, do you want to scale and grow your business? In this Podcast with Tim Macy, we break down the exact strategies our 5,000 clients used to Leverage their businesses with Virtual Assistants.

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First, take the time to figure out what non-revenue productive activities you can take off your plate and delegate in your business. This exercise is called the sticky challenge, where you list down everything you do and how long it takes you on a sticky note. Then, after a few weeks, go through those sticky notes and determine which ones are actually revenue-productive and which ones are not. Chances are, those sticky notes with tasks taking your time but not directly driving your revenue are ones that you can delegate to a virtual assistant.

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Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be leveraged in your business in the following ways:


Marketing is one area of your business that needs a lot of time and attention. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can work on your marketing materials such as advertisements, flyers, door hangers, etc. They can manage all your social media platforms, take care of curating and content, share listings, and engage your audience by vetting and responding to comments and queries.   They can manage and update your website with blog posts at a schedule you set, manage inquiries on properties, and the like.

They can drum up reviews on your social media platforms and website as well. Market research is important to stay competitive in your market and is something your virtual assistant can consistently have ready for you. We know how important marketing is for a Real Estate business, but you don’t have to do it all yourself.


A Real Estate Virtual assistant can deal with all your paperwork from contract to close and everything around administrative tasks for your business. Start with something basic. For example, how many emails do you generally get in a day? Wouldn’t it be great if someone could sort through your inbox and you only had to read the most important ones? That is one of the things a virtual assistant could take over for you! How about your other business processes, such as transaction coordination? What does it take to manage your database, and how do you ensure that it is updated, organized, and systemized? A lot of your paperwork and other transactions like updating MLS listings, maintaining listing property files, and basically, anything that can be done virtually can be delegated to a real estate virtual assistant.

Prospecting/Inside Sales Agent

Do you have many leads in your database that you need to reach out to or perhaps a long list of follow-ups that you can’t quite get through? The role of Real Estate ISA can be taken over by a virtual assistant too. We know that it can be challenging to find someone to tackle your prospecting consistently, and you probably don’t have hours on end to do it yourself. So this is another area where you can leverage a virtual assistant. Your database and your leads are such an integral part of your Real Estate business, and to indeed ensure that you are never left with an empty pipeline, you need someone who will stay on top of those leads at all times.  Whether it is cold-calling or follow-up, whatever stage they may be in, a phone call may mean all the difference in closing a deal, and having a dedicated person whose sole purpose is to keep your pipeline flowing will definitely give you the freedom to focus on building relationships and creating more opportunities for your business to grow.

Ensure to tune in to The Tim Macy Show as Tim talks to our CEO and founder, Daniel Ramsey, about Real Estate Virtual assistants and how they can bring more time and leverage for Real Estate Agents. You can also catch the show on Facebook.

In the meantime, we’d like to share our Virtual Assistant Hiring Guides with you to shed some light on the process and give you an idea on how we do things here at MyOutDesk—and then, you can download the Real Estate Checklists HERE.

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