6 Stages to a 7 Figure Business, Part 2 – Outbound Prospecting

By: Abby | Updated: February 12, 2020
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In Real Estate, Residential Services, Health & Wellness, and many other industries, Circle Prospecting entails making calls to people within a specific geographic area and asking them for an appointment for a consultation. It is one of the easiest methods of prospecting today. In addition, circle prospecting offers a unique niche market that you might not reach otherwise. Circle prospecting aims to grow your database and set appointments that you may later convert into revenue.

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Using the right-circle prospecting script is essential to getting those appointments set. In onboarding your ISA/Sales Development Representative (SDR), you should plan on 30-minute coaching and role-playing sessions each morning for the first 2 weeks. These sessions will enable your ISA/SDR to gain confidence in delivering the script and help with objection handling. ISA/SDRs typically are equipped with a script that enables you to target neighborhoods where you have had success, i.e., draw a circle around the area you just closed a deal.

Demographic Dialing works the same way as circle dialing, but you target using other attributes such as age, income, or gender.

For those looking to build an SDR team, virtual professionals integrated with multiple channels such as email, SMS, social media, and phone are a winning strategy. Start with a repeatable cadence across multiple channels to nurture leads and give SDRs the actionable data they need to reach prospects in context. While your process can and should be optimized over time, a perfect sequence of automated emails will never replace real-time insights on buyer behavior that allow SDRs to create a meaningful relationships with their prospects.

An SDR’s secret weapon is its own time. As a result, an SDR can do what marketing automation can’t; namely, they can take the time to research prospects and then reach out with hyper-relevant messages.

An SDR also has the advantage of using channels that can’t be automated, such as phone calls and social media actions. However, we know it takes several touches to convert a lead, and strategies that use four or more channels are 300% more effective.

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