Virtual Assistants & Blended Real Estate Teams

By: Tim | Updated: February 7, 2019
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The future is blended: and it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t believe me? Flip your iPhone over & look at the back: “Designed by Apple in California”. Built in China…..and that’s not a bad thing.

Most of the consumer products you buy these days are built by blended teams, where different parts of the team reside in different countries to take advantage of labor cost & trade specialization. Less specialized roles are moved to locations with a lower cost of living & different wage scale to take advantage of the global trade economy – and end result is actually better consumer products for you at lower prices. Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today to find out how!

Real Estate is no different. When we founded MyOutDesk a decade ago we realized that a virtual assistant living in the Philippines could do all of the clerical work online that an assistant could here in the USA for a fraction of the cost, and when we started helping agents & brokers to hire them we realized that it was a win-win proposition for everyone.

Offshore virtual assistants have all the qualifications (and often more) than local labor, but at 1/3 the cost – which means you can afford to hire better help for a lower price, and you can afford to employ MORE of that help to grow your business. They’re high quality labor, with  great education and an outstanding work ethic, and available for prices that similarly qualified Americans typically won’t work for.

Blended real estate teams are exciting, because it finally means that real estate professionals can employ a competitive advantage in their business formerly reserved only for top-tier manufacturing companies – like the folks who made your iPhone. Just like them, you’re able to delegate repetitive, non-dollar productive “cost center” tasks to a virtual assistant, which in turn helps you focus your time & energy on what actually makes you money.

We’re helping to level the business playing field by helping small & medium sized businesses offshore like the big boys have for years. It doesn’t mean that jobs are going away, but it does mean that more work is available & more income is generated because real estate professionals finally have the affordable help they need to close more transactions & generate more commissions.

It’s blended, it’s beautiful, it’s available – so schedule a free Double Your Business strategy call & take advantage of it!