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How to hire a full-time Google ads specialist — for the cost of only a part-time hire

Hiring a full-time Google Ads specialist can be expensive, but outsourcing to a virtual assistant can provide cost-effective solutions — they can handle keyword research, ad creation, campaign optimization, and other tasks. Virtual assistants can save businesses time and cost a fraction compared to an in-house full-time hire, while still delivering high-quality results.

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A seasoned Google Professional Services (Ad Management) specialist can provide unparalleled insights into digital marketing ROI from SEO, PPC to social media marketing. The more expensive side of these services is Google Certified Ad Managers who are highly qualified and can provide unprecedented levels of insights for small businesses or agencies with limited resources.

Hands down, Google search engine results provide the best real-time advice and content to your ideal customers. That’s why businesses typically invest heavily in hiring talent with specific skillsets and experience to make sure their company appears optimally on Google search results. For most companies, the most cost-effective decision is to hire outsourced Google Ad managers in comparison to an in-house permanent employee.

How to hire a full-time Google ads specialist

If you want the best return on investment and to lower these costs, we’ve found a solution.

By hiring a full-time virtual assistant from MyOutDesk. it doesn’t take long in your college-educated, career-oriented assistant to become well-acquainted and certified with Google within the first 90 days of training.

Costs incurred vs. Costs saved

The cost of hiring two regular staff is about 50% more expensive than employing a virtual assistant for the same employee (assuming average salary levels). While this may seem like an obvious calculation, it’s not as simple to handle and there are some additional costs that will be incurred when using a virtual assistant. These include:

  1. recruiting new hires at your agency.
  2. performance management packages for your staff and new hires, which is critical to retain them over time (i.e., no employee will stick around forever).
  3. training employees on the outsourced admin’s duties. It takes time to make employees familiar with the responsibilities of your outsourced admin.

Why hire a virtual assistant for your Google Ads?

As opposed to hiring someone to work directly for you, an outsourced virtual assistant works from the comfort of their own home office. Using a Virtual Assistant service, they are able to have access to their team’s tools and employee benefits while reporting to you full-time as their supervisor. This means you’ll see much higher quality work delivered and possibly reduced costs due to lower staff costs. This allows your company or agency brand to be maintained and more easily scaled, for a fraction of typical overhead costs.

Virtual Marketing Assistants for Google Ads

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants have a proven track record of delivering high-quality recruitment services to small businesses, corporate enterprises, and nonprofits. Our services are customized to meet our client’s specific needs. This means you’ll see results sooner with less risk and you can rest assured you’re getting the very best in terms of skill sets.

If you’re ready to hire a marketing virtual assistant and boost your Google Ad management capacities, we’ll be pleased to discuss how we can support your business in this area.

What it takes to become a Google certified ad manager

One-time investment or recurrent costs?

The first thing to consider is whether this type of investment will pay off as you scale your business. The answer depends on your goals for your company, the level of financial resources you can dedicate to ad management, and the type of work that is already being done for clients.

For larger businesses, Google-certified ad managers are a must-have, but they can be costly. For small businesses or agencies with limited resources, this price tag is too high. On the other hand, hiring a full-time virtual assistant at MyOutDesk. is significantly less expensive than hiring two full-time employees at your company or agency and it also offers you 100% of the skills and experiences Google Ad Management has to offer without any long-term commitment.

Steps to train your marketing assistant to become a google ads manager:

Step 1: Select the number of reports you’d like the outsourced virtual assistant to prepare for you each week and confirm these with your stakeholders.

Step 2: Once the reports are prepared, a virtual assistant can send them directly to you or your stakeholder’s email inbox.

Step 3: Allowing the new hire to learn on their own (while taking certification courses) is also an option if they prefer it. You can either work with them each week or schedule regular meetings with them to keep things running smoothly.

Step 4: The virtual assistant can also adjust their schedule to help accommodate your needs and the needs of your client. They’ll prepare all of the reports for you so that you’re not spending your time doing administrative tasks for the outsourced admin.

Step 5: A virtual assistant will be able to efficiently respond to all of your client’s questions in a timely manner without ever being involved in any front-end ad management tasks for you. You will be pleased to know your ads are being handled by a proven professional with expertise and knowledge of Google Ad Management Tools.

This is why we’ve helped many agencies and firms become better at Google ad management by hiring virtual assistants from MyOutDesk.

Save Up To 70% On Hiring Costs With a Virtual Assistant.

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