You may have heard about, or experienced yourself, the current hiring crisis. The US is full of available job openings, but interest is thinning out. From high-level executive roles to entry-level customer service, finding interested people let alone qualified people has been a pain. So it’s ironic that the role of the recruiter is one of those openings that seem to be staying open. Yup, the person in charge of recruiting new hires is themself being difficult to recruit. Postings for recruiter positions have doubled since the start of the year, according to data from recruiting-software company iCIMS. This may sound unprecedented but if you’ve been paying attention the past couple of years, unprecedented seems to be the new norm. While the currently operating recruiters are busier than they’ve ever been, so too are the companies that simply need a recruiter, to begin with! 

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Numbers Don’t Lie

The average number of postings for recruiter roles has more than doubled since February 2020, to about 148,000 as of September this year, according to ZipRecruiter. Luckily, the barrier for entry into the recruiting profession is quite low. It typically does not require any specific training or schooling, and still often pays quite well. A recruiter with low experience for example often starts around $75,000 for a big company. It’s just a matter of job-seeking individuals giving the recruitment profession a chance. Most people don’t tell their parents, “I want to be an astronaut, a doctor, or a recruiter” when they’re a kid. It’s often something they fall into after realizing the thing they originally pursued wasn’t for them. Recruitment firms know this and have to cast wider nets these days to capture the attention of reliable professionals seeking a good job. Using automated technology to filter through potential candidates has become increasingly common, both as a replacement for a human recruiter and as a tool for existing recruiters.

Out With the Old

A lot of companies rely on recruiting firms to bring them their candidates. For the uninitiated, a majority of recruitment firms work on a contingency basis. Meaning they only get paid upon delivering the winning candidate, and only once they’ve stayed in the role past an agreed-upon time. These firms typically don’t come cheap, collecting 20-30% in fees on a new hires’ first-year salary. This is becoming increasingly unaffordable for a lot of companies, given the number of new hires they need right now. This leads to companies starting their own internal recruitment teams. Hence the high demand for these roles as of late. But perhaps you’re reading this because you already knew all of this. Or perhaps this is news to you but you’re starting to see how you might fit into this equation. Luckily for you, this is a hot topic we’re discussing because we’ve become a solution for more businesses’ recruitment efforts lately, and we wanted to get the word out.

In With the New

One of the beautiful aspects of turning to a MyOutDesk virtual assistant is the flexibility compared to traditional hiring locally. We have a massive pool of experienced, trained, and educated professionals for just about all roles, including recruitment. The best part about hiring a virtual assistant to help with recruitment is we’re not a recruitment agency! So no contingency agreement, no additional fees per new hire; just the same flat rate from month to month. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about selecting from applicants who are new to recruiting and just giving it a shot. A traditional recruiter role often has a high turnover rate, as some professionals become discouraged by the fierce competition and abandon the role within the first 2 years to seek greener pastures. With one of our virtual assistants, you get experienced professionals, eager to execute and stick around. They know what they signed up for, and they want to be a valuable part of your team and be rewarded as such. It’s a win/win for everyone.


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We Can Help

Long story short; the job market is weird right now, and even recruiters are hard to recruit. But virtual assistants, like always, seem to be a very worthwhile solution. If you’re not convinced yet follow the link below to reach out.  Even if your business problem isn’t related to recruiting. We can get you scheduled with a FREE one-on-one consultation with an expert who will hear you out, understand you, and then propose an action plan. Zero obligation, just knowledge.


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