Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services To The Philippines

By: Abby | Updated: August 23, 2021
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The Philippines is one of the top destinations major corporations outsource their business needs. Doing so allows businesses to keep overhead down on expenses such as office space, equipment, internet connection, taxes, and even benefits.

Even though this provides significant cost savings to business owners , it also greatly benefits a Philippines-based Virtual Assistant as well. They get to work from home, be closer to family, and removing 2-4 hours of a daily commute. All while taking in a great wage.

While several other countries are well-known for offering virtual services, such as Malaysia, South Africa, and India, it’s the Philippines making headway in the outsourcing world. Here is our 2021 “State of Virtual Assistants” Report. In that report, we discuss the top types of virtual assistants and how they affect businesses.

Why else would you consider outsourcing to the Philippines?

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The People and The Talent

Filipino people are globally known to be loyal and hard-working. The deeply rooted spirit of being family-oriented is a great benefit as an employer. Filipino Virtual Assistants will work hard for their family’s well-being and thusly, their employers. Since the Philippines was occupied by Spain for several hundred years and was liberated by America in the early 1900s. Filipino people are open to different cultures. They are primarily influenced by western media and culture, thus making it easy for them to understand your culture.

The Accent (or lack thereof)

The Philippines boasts a 95% literacy rate wherein the medium of instruction is mainly in English. Many companies outsource jobs to the Philippines because the accents of Filipinos are primarily neutral. This means they can easily be understood by western customers.  Furthermore, the Philippines is currently ranked #27 out of 100 countries globally on the English Proficiency Index and is ranked #2 in Asia as of 2021.

The Education and Job Market

According to the Philippine National Statistics Office, there are 42.5 million Filipinos in the labor force whose median age is 23 years old. The Labor force Participation Rate is at 60.6%. The Philippines has also been recorded to have a High English Proficiency rating of 60.59.

They are #3 in Asia and #15 out of the top 80 countries. English is the medium of instruction in school and the official language of businesses.

Lowered Cost and Liability

When hiring a Virtual Assistant, that can qualify as a deduction from the taxable income of 50% of labor expenses and consigned equipment. All legal risks are transferred to the outsourcing provider. As mentioned earlier, this provides significant cost savings as well. A Virtual Assistant will be working from their home, so no need to provide office space, they will have their own equipment and internet connection. If you sign-up with a company like MyOutDesk, we handle all benefits and HR concerns for you!

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Nearly Any Industry

Hiring a virtual assistant empowers businesses to delegate nearly all non-revenue productive tasks. This allows a business or team leader to focus on the most important work ON your business instead of in it. Remember, if you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant.

Outsource your Virtual Assistant Services today! Schedule your business strategy call today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant from the Philippines can help grow your business!