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The most important thing in the world today is healthcare workers. The reason for this is clear when it comes to frontline work during a pandemic. They are directly responsible for saving lives (and preventing premature death).

Are you interested in what the best way to implement remote healthcare recruitment is or are you interested in how to make it possible?


This article covers:

  • Best practices for healthcare recruitment during the pandemic (COVID-19)
  • The purpose of remote healthcare recruitment
  • Hiring & recruitment operations while working remotely
  • What recruiters need to know today


Best practices for healthcare recruitment during the pandemic (COVID-19)


Purpose of remote healthcare recruitment:

The purpose of remote healthcare recruitment is to provide a way for health clinics to to get better access to healthcare professionals they would not otherwise have.


As your business grows, you’ll need more labor: healthcare needs certified caregivers, and other industries have similar needs. When effective remote operations are in demand, professional virtual recruiting assistants are able to work alongside your human resources department and find the best possible candidates for your team.

Virtual recruiting assistants work to prospect for candidates, review inquiries, set interview appointments and pre-qualify candidates for available positions. Hire a MyOutDesk recruiting assistant to take over the initial stages of your candidate contact & screening process, and let them focus on finding you the best candidates possible, while your experienced in-house staff focuses on final qualification & hiring.

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Hiring & recruitment operations while working remotely


The problem with a traditional approach to recruitment today is that it can take a lot of time and there’s no guarantee that traditional teams can outcompete digital methods of recruitment.

The second approach is very different. With a remote team and in addition to candidate prospecting & screening, a virtual recruiting assistant can help with and expand with follow-up calls to prospective candidates already in your pipeline, helping to maintain your relationship with them throughout the human resources process.

Remote recruiting assistants can serve as a single point of contact for ensuring that paperwork is sent, completed, returned & correctly filed in your systems. your lead generation efforts.


Reach out to potential candidates from web & trade-fair inquiries, LinkedIn or Indeed job postings, or work from a list of past candidate submissions to follow up on prospects to build relationships & convert them into new team members.


Following your script(s) and qualification checklist, your recruiting assistant can identify candidates for appointments so you can spend time with your most valuable leads/clients.


Onboarding candidates requires following up again and again. Your recruiting assistant can perform this activity routinely and systematically. As a part of this virtual assistant’s follow-up role, this crucial element won’t fall through the cracks.


Remotely, a recruiting assistant will track qualified candidates and help with automated content delivery & targeted follow-up calls to increase engagement & make you the agent of choice for employment.

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What recruiters need to know today


As you already know, healthcare professionals have a difficult job because of how much medicine & methods to care there are and how complex human bodies are. It takes years of training to be qualified as a doctor or nurse or any other similar profession, but even then it takes constant study throughout one’s career.

Not only is it an important job and requires much training to do well, but doctors are similar to soldiers in some ways: they have a high risk of death or serious injury as part of their daily lives.


Beyond talents & skills, remember this:

The strength of healthcare workers requires them to be selfless in their service to others. They cannot avoid feeling compassion for those whom they serve. However, healthcare workers must also be aware of their own limits to serve and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Oftentimes, they only treat others but rarely receive treatment themselves.

The most important thing for healthcare workers is to maintain a sense of purpose and belonging. Otherwise, they will tend to become unhappy and distracted from their duties.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is give a sense of purpose and belonging. If they feel like their work has meaning, your workers are more likely to stay. The second thing you need to do is prevent them from getting bored.

You need to find ways to engage them in their work so they see the value of what they do.

Lastly, if possible, you should provide a sense of community and belonging. Healthcare workers need to have time to socialize within a peer group while on the job.

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