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Many of the top-producing real estate teams and agents across the US and Canada have one thing in common: An amazing Real Estate ISA (inside sales agent).

Why? A Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant can contact leads within five minutes, qualify, follow-up, and book high-quality appointments that actually show.

Watch Top Producing Realtor Wanda Smith describe the value of her MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant ISA.

“I can’t afford to not have a virtual assistant”


Real Estate ISA Work is time-consuming

It’s easy to let your lead follow-up fall by the wayside because phone work can be tedious & most agents are terrified of hearing the word “no.” However, like it or not, you need someone who is consistently on top of it all because you do not want to feel the dread an empty pipeline brings. A Virtual Assistant can take on the duties of a Real Estate ISA and ensure that your pipeline is always flowing.

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The Best Source For a Real Estate ISA in 2022

MyOutDesk has your back! We’ve been working with real estate entrepreneurs like you for 15 years, and we have been part of the success of over 7500 clients! First, we take care of the tedious hiring process for you and only present candidates that match your profile. Then, with tools such as Market Force, we present profiles that match your talent and your needs. Once you decide to hire someone, we help you deploy a 90-day launch kit.  This launch kit is a guide to help you allow your Virtual Assistant to integrate into your business set-up fully. If you take the time to follow this plan and train your Virtual Assistant fully, there is no doubt that you will find success.

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A True Real Estate ISA Success Story

Take, for example, one of our clients, Wanda Smith. Wanda hired her Real Estate ISA in 2016. She followed our 90-day launch plan and has sky-rocketed from there, generating massive results. Wanda reckons that her business increased by about 322% in her real estate virtual assistant’s first year.

Watch Wanda Describe the Important of Her MyOutDesk ISAs to Her Real Estate Business

What a real Estate ISA Can Do for You

Wanda’s Virtual Assistant Lori manages her emails and messages; she tracks lead responses and makes follow-up calls. She also manages Wanda’s social media marketing and keeps track of their Facebook traffic as this is one of their main sources for leads. Additionally, Lori reaches out to the new leads that come into their system and sets up phone appointments with Wanda. She gets a lot of referrals business because people love working with her, and Lori can keep track of all those referrals and ensure that Wanda gets to connect with each one of them. By providing her Virtual Assistant with the best systems that work for her business set-ups, such as Berkshire Hathaway resources, Exact CRM, MLS, Instapage, Ring Central, Reminder Media, Opcity, Zillow, Witly, and Modern Agent Mastery, Wanda ensures that her Virtual Assistant is set-up to win.

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A real Estate ISA You Can Trust

A huge part of Wanda’s success comes from the fact that she treats her Virtual Assistant like a partner in her business. Aside from the fact that she had a phenomenal increase in her business, Wands feels that her Virtual Assistant helps keep her on track and focused on the revenue-producing activities to keep her business growing. She has more time to focus on these revenue-productive activities because she has someone she can delegate to that she can trust. She has found value in her Virtual Assistant and put more value in who she is as a business owner.

Today, the sun shines brighter, the sky is bluer, and the water is perfect and refreshing, all because of her MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

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