‘A Better Contractor’ Prefers A Better Virtual Assistant

By: Dan Trujillo | Updated: August 17, 2021

They say you can never get too much of a good thing. When it comes to hiring virtual assistants, David Perry might be inclined to agree with that statement. For over three years David has been the Director of Finance at ‘A Better Contractor, LLC’, the premier hospitality industry contractor in the nation.  Over the past year, however, they’ve been making efforts to diversify their clientele so as to continue growing in the contractor business. Despite the global pandemic they’ve continued to experience growth, supporting the likes of the hotel industry as they too grow and evolve to support the changing times. But that’s not to say the journey of success is without its obstacles. Luckily virtual assistants are really good at breaking down obstacles…

If You Want Something Done Right

David and his team had existing processes in place that utilized local admin assistants. However, they were beginning to notice a lot of QA(quality assurance) discrepancies. Eventually, they were faced with the tough decision to take over administrative duties themselves. To ensure the administrative tasks were done correctly they had to divide the work among their own management team. This stretched the management team thin, as they had to juggle a wide variety of duties. Someone on their team suggested looking into employing a virtual assistant, from a company like MyOutDesk. Because this would be a big change from what they were used to, David admitted to some initial hesitation. After some deliberation, the decision was made to try out one VA(virtual assistant) and see how it fit their administrative needs.

“We gave it a shot, and not long after doing so we were like ‘well crap, that was easy!’

myoutdesk virtual assistant working home

The initial uncertainty about hiring someone entirely remote to take over their admin assistant role was due to how valuable they hold that position. David and his team believe in equal reciprocation with anyone they hire; be they in-person or virtual. They like to bring a positive change not just to their business, but to the life of whoever they hire. David believes that any member of the team should be happy to be there because they genuinely feel like they fit in. After all, a happy worker is a hard worker. Luckily, the first VA we provided fit right in and hit the ground running. They were able to take over those administrative duties themself and alleviate some of the pressure from management.

“Our VA’s have migrated to bill payments, a lot. Time value of money is important in all aspects, and our VA’s have contributed to that level of accuracy. It’s just a beautiful thing.”

More Is Better

David and his company were so pleased with their first foray into the virtual assistant game that they eventually hired the 2nd one only months later.  They now have two VAs juggling administrative duties without any issues. Allowing management to have peace of mind while they focus on their customers. And they plan on hiring more, as needed! That’s the magic of hiring assistants from a company like MyOutDesk; because we evaluate their experience and skillset so you don’t have to. That way when a company like David’s comes to us for help, we can match them up accordingly. If you’re curious about how you can have a similar experience of success, reach out via the link below. We’ll set up a one-on-one consultation and evaluate your problems, to see if a virtual assistant can solve them.


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