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How Law Firms Benefit From Virtual Legal Assistants

Virtual legal assistants can provide administrative and paralegal support to law firms, allowing attorneys to focus on more complex tasks. They can also offer cost savings and increased flexibility for law firms. To find the right virtual legal assistant, consider their experience, communication skills, and cultural fit.

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You might already know about the many benefits of using a virtual assistant for administrative tasks. Can law firms benefit even more by choosing a virtual assistant to outsource some firm-related work?

Yes! Virtual legal assistants are growing in popularity as more law businesses understand the financial and efficiency perks of hiring a VA to keep operations running smoothly. Small law firms with only a few employees can see a significant impact on office productivity when choosing a legal virtual assistant to take over some tasks that burden principles or partners.

What can this type of assistant do for your law firm? Keep reading to learn more!

Outsource Tasks That Don’t Generate Revenue

Lawyers perform most tasks that create revenue for a firm. They must prioritize their time for things like litigation, meeting with clients, and appearing in court. However, to be available for those critical tasks requires a tremendous amount of non-revenue-generating support from other staff members.

Maximizing revenue must also be a priority when operating a successful law practice. For tasks that don’t generate revenue, outsourcing is an ideal option to minimize costs without sacrificing the quality of work.

  • Answering calls
  • Booking appointments with clients or witnesses
  • Data entry and preparing documents
  • Research and reporting to support a case
  • Preparing transcriptions
  • Accounting and bookkeeping

Depending on your type of law firm and operational needs, virtual legal assistants can also help with website maintenance and social media management.

Access More Talent

A virtual legal secretary can work from anywhere. When making staff hires, law firms can only experience limited resources when limiting the talent search to local candidates.

Using a virtual assistant for lawyers provides a broader range of available talent. If your practice needs a specific set of skills and you have a limited hiring budget, choosing a virtual assistant can deliver precisely what you need for the right price.

Many law firms use virtual legal assistant services to maximize budgets while growing the practice. Employers don’t need to provide benefits like health insurance, vacation time, or office equipment with virtually-staffed positions. Virtual assistants are freelance workers who supply their own equipment!

Plus, law firms only pay for the hours a VA works. Your growing practice benefits from more productivity with lower overhead costs and a better bottom line.

Choose Wisely and Manage Well

Not all legal virtual assistants are the right fit for your firm. Make sure you find an assistant that fits your needs and the culture of your practice while matching the quality of legal services that clients expect. When working with virtual assistant services, manage them like your firm’s employees. Give them tasks they can own, expectations for deliverables, and deadlines. They will help you thrive!

Ready to grow? Choosing virtual assistants can increase productivity, lower overhead costs, and create space to take on more clients while maximizing billable. Schedule a Q&A session with one of our experts to get answers to all of your questions. No obligations, no pressure, just an informative chat. Use the link below to learn more about finding the best virtual assistants for your legal practice!

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