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COVID-19: Are you going back to the office yet or not?

We posed this question to over 500 millionaires, entrepreneurs & CEOs and asked for their thought processes.

Here are the results:

18%      Back at the office

19%      Never left the office (+ essential work)

12.3%    Creating a transition plan & not back in the office

23.7%   Because of COVID-19, we’re staying remote

27%      We’ve been 100% remote since before COVID-19

From these business owners’ responses, there is a slightly greater lean towards working remotely. Nonetheless, businesses are seeing value in both physical and remote locations.

MyOutDesk advocates for the ‘blended business model,’ where teams leverage the power of working remotely in any profitable business — especially for businesses still requiring physical commercial space. If you need help or want to explore some ideas, schedule a free Strategy Consultation today.  


Sample Responses:

  • “Working in the same place you live is rough. Need physical separation between the two hats. I expect to be back in full office swing by July with social distance + masks.”
  • “My work-life balance is so much easier out of my home office.  I will probably end up going in one day a week, but that will be it.”
  • “I am committed to never returning to the office in my capacity.”
  • “I never had an office, but the closure of Starbucks was a real kick in the junk.”
  • “Our team wanted to go back to the office so we started back 2 weeks ago. Although I’m working from home way more now than before. It’s probably around 40% office, 60% home.
  • “This experiment with working virtually has made me like my home office even more. COVID-19 gave us a reason + incentive to go 100% remote, something we have been talking about doing months before the pandemic.”
  • “My staff is back at the office as of a month ago. I’m not and don’t plan on returning. I’ve been wanting my office at home and COVID-19 gave me a big reason. Very comfortable here and way more productive. When my office lease is up, I will be moving my staff home and going virtual.
  • “I worked from home full time for the better part of 10 years, opened up an office in September, only to go back to working from home. The first few years it was great, but then I realized I was building unhealthy habits and needed to be around people. We’ll see how it goes to get back to it.”


A more efficient team, anywhere

MyOutDesk’s MyTimeIn software allows teams to stay accountable and track productivity effortlessly. Managers can access IPC- and GPDR-compliant productivity tracking software through the MyOutDesk’s Client Portal with MyTimeIn timesheets.

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The Stats: Blended Teams Outperform Competitors

Stanford Studies have shown that remote workers show increased productivity by 16%. Those who work from home seem to be more focused with fewer distractions. They also found that employees working in open offices took 62% more sick days than virtual employees.

Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2017 found that remote work arrangements are “strongly linked to improved performance and employee retention.” Furthermore, 38% of respondents reported they were likely to leave their current employer within the next two years, with much citing work/life balance and flexibility as major contributing factors.

Large companies are benefitting from using a blended employment model. In fact, a new regulation stemming from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has given us a clearer picture of the extent to which some of the largest U.S. companies employ global talent.

You might be surprised at the high percentages of global talent that successful companies have reported so far:

  • Kellogg: 80%
  • General Electric: 66%
  • United Technologies: 68%
  • Whirlpool: 80%
  • Merck: 55%
  • Honeywell: 58%
  • Hanes: 80%
  • Mattel: 78%
  • Wal-Mart: 35%

If these major companies employ this strategy, there is no reason that you cannot for your own business as well.


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