Vulcan 7 & Your Virtual Assistant

By: Abby | Updated: October 28, 2019

“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” ~ Confucius

Having the best tools on hand for your Real Estate ISA to prospect with is essential to your success. After15 years in this industry, working with over 7500 clients with unique business set-ups, needs and goals, we’ve gathered a lot of information about what systems work best and complement their company. This is why we share these different tools with you and tell you about their features. This wisdom we have gleaned over the years from working with our clients can guide you as you decide which ones you will use.

Vulcan 7 focuses on quality and innovation—producing the highest quality products that generate outstanding results. According to their website: “The way we communicate has changed, and Vulcan7 has the tools that give you results. We provide you with the best numbers that give you direct access to the right person. The more homeowners you talk with, the more listings you will have. That is power. Having the right and the best phone numbers is so important. With the options of work, cell, or home phone numbers, you will see your business grow and grow. That is power. Vulcan7 is power.”

Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can assist your Vulcan 7 prospecting.

Vulcan 7 can provide you and your Real Estate Virtual Assistant with leverage in the following areas:

  • Expired Listings—Expireds happen daily, with almost 40% relisting with a different agent within the first 30 days. Vulcan 7 follows Occam’s razor principle here—simplicity is key. After they complete all the steps for you, all your Virtual Assistant has to do is log in to the system and access the leads.
  • For Sale By Owner—Vulcan 7 boasts that there is no better system for FSBOs than theirs. Each lead is pre-qualified before they are sent your way. You save time sifting through bad leads! Your Real Estate ISA can take the leads from Vulcan 7 and start calling at once.
  • Neighborhood Search—You get access to a LIVE database that returns only the freshest data. Whatever you need, be it a single address or a whole bunch of contacts, Vulcan 7 promises ease of use and updated data.
  • Probate Leads—Probate leads are unique—if there is real estate involved in Probate, that property MUST be sold. These leads are available on a county-by-county basis, collected each month at the courthouses for virtually every county in the USA. They include the property info, the executor info, and any attorney of record. In addition to phone contacts, automated direct and email campaigns, credibility kits, and web presence sites are also available.

Aside from leads, Vulcan 7 also offers the following services:

  • CRM—Your database is the biggest asset you will ever have in your business. A well-managed database is also essential to ensure that operations are running smoothly. Vulcan 7 offers a CRM to ensure that your database is spic and span and easy to navigate. The Vulcan 7 CRM can be managed by your Virtual Assistant and will highly benefit your team.
  • Dialer—the Vulcan 7 dialer boasts the following features:
    • It gives you control over speeding up, slowing down, or pausing the system at any time
    • Simplifies sorting and searching while allowing you to make calls directly from your Vulcan7 CRM
    • Allows one-click voice message delivery, freeing you up to leave a pre-recorded message while you move on to your next call
    • Eliminates connection delays
    • Provides dial access from any location through our cloud-based platform
    • Customizes call-outcome information with single-click prospect categorizing, call notes, and follow-up email
    • Live Statistics to improve productivity (know your numbers)
    • ISA-ready dialer
    • Delivers as many as 80 contacts per hour

Many MyOutDesk clients use Vulcan 7 as their dialer because of its special features. For example, our Real Estate ISAs have great success using this tool.

  • Video—It’s no secret that video content is becoming increasingly important. In fact, worldwide IT leader Cisco Systems, Inc. estimates that video content will make up as much as 80 percent of consumer Internet traffic by 2020. Vulcan7 is one of the only CRM systems to provide you with the ability to send a video email directly to your contacts. Our video integration platform offers you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and make a more personable connection with your prospects through video communication.

Because of its easy integration with many other systems, Vulcan 7 has become a favorite of many clients. Paired with our rock star Virtual Assistants, they have seen great success.

Make sure to schedule your Double Your Business Growth Strategy Session with us today to discuss how a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant can give you more time and leverage.