The 12 D’s Of Real Estate

By: jayson | Updated: May 12, 2019
12 D's of real estate list on a desk

There are certain situations that a potential client might be in where you can provide value by way of helping them sell or buy a home. MyOutDesk calls it the 12 Ds of Real Estate. With a Virtual Assistant, you can find leverage to zoom in on this situation and not only close a deal but improve the quality of someone’s life. Hire a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant to help you with these 12 D’s and generate more leads. Schedule a Double My Business Strategy call today!

The 12 D’s

1. De-listed from MLS- expired

2. Delusional – FSBO: 80% of them end up using an agent.

3. Death – probate

4. Divorce – attorney’s and state fillings separation

5. Debt – can’t pay mortgage, income issues.

6. Double debt – 2nd mortgage or deep underwater.

7. Damage – uninhabitable, tagged by the city, stalled construction work, or fire.

8. Disabled – owner has lost income source.

9. Drugs – houses shut down by the city.

10. Desperate to move – school, life, or work change.

11. Determined to move – upgrade, getting married, having kids, empty nest, retirement, or death.

12. Displacement – absentee owners or vacant homes.

12 D’s Of Real Estate Infographic

12 D's of real estate list


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