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Top 10 Ways a Real Estate Investor can use a Virtual Assistant

When should you consider hiring a Virtual Assistant? As a Real Estate Investor, we understand the demands on your time can be overwhelming. It's common for business owners like yourself to juggle multiple responsibilities in your daily operations. So, take a moment to assess. How many tasks within your business could be managed effectively without your direct oversight? Chances are, many of these tasks can and should be delegated, freeing up your time to focus solely on areas where your direct involvement is essential for business growth and scalability.

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How do you know if it is time to hire a Virtual Assistant? As Real Estate Investor, we know how extremely busy you are. It is not uncommon for business owners like yourself to have your hand in all the cookie jars in your daily operations. So, ask yourself. Amongst all the things you take care of within your business, how many of them can be accomplished without your direct involvement? Odds are, all of those things you can think of can and should be delegated, while those whose outcomes are directly affected by your involvement should be your sole focus for you to be able to scale your business.

A MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can help give you the leverage you need to scale your business as a Real Estate Investor!

Here are the top 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant can help you in your business:

  1. Organize and Sort Emails—Does this sound familiar? You get to your office, sit down in front of your computer and start sifting through all your emails and sorting out those that are urgent and then reading them and responding. Before you know it, an hour or 2 has passed, and you are behind on your tasks for the day. Now, imagine this: You get to your office, sit in front of your computer to find that your emails have been sorted and labeled accordingly. So you know which ones you need to read and answer immediately, while the rest that does not have to be dealt with by you personally are already handled. Many of our clients delegate their emails as the first task when they hire a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant. Just think of how much time you will save by delegating this task alone.
  2. Calendar Management—Managing your schedule is essential to ensuring that your days are as fruitful as possible and that you are not missing out or double booking. Keeping track of prospects, follow-ups, meetings with contractors and investors can be a tough juggling act, so being organized is crucial. But, let’s be honest, keeping a calendar is not easy, even with apps and software available in the market. A Virtual Assistant can make sure that your calendar is always up to date and can help schedule and move things around when needed.
  3. Marketing—Marketing is critical in a Real Estate Investment Business to achieve consistent results. Constant content and interaction on Social Media and other platforms take a lot of time that you most likely do not have. A Virtual Assistant can stay on top of all your marketing campaigns and online efforts and create content for them.
  4. Measuring Results—With the data you have gathered from various efforts behind your business, your Virtual Assistants can help measure your results, thus giving you the information you need to decide on which initiatives to focus on. This is valuable as you will be able to build strategies around what has been performing well, and you can save time by cutting out those that have not.
  5. Data Entry—Data Entry is one of those essential but time-consuming responsibilities that can completely be delegated to a talented Virtual Assistant.
  6. Contract—Real Estate Investors usually conduct business either personally or on phone calls. A transaction should end in 2 ways:
  • If the transaction is a success, the investor will need a purchase agreement right away. So, the investor can give the needed information to their Virtual Assistant, who will then create the purchase agreement, populate it, and then send it back to the investor for printing.
  • If the prospect seems uninterested, you would probably follow up by sending a time-sensitive offer. After your Virtual Assistant populates the purchase agreement, they would then send it through Click2Mail to your cold prospect.

Your Virtual Assistant can populate all contracts and agreements so you can focus on other aspects of your transactions that only you can handle.

  1. Craigslist—Despite the bad reputation Craigslist has earned in the past few years, we know that it is still a great source of business for REI. To utilize Craigslist efficiently and effectively, you need to enlist a program called IFTTT, a website that allows automation with Craigslist. Put in criteria to have the right ads pushed to your team and have your people call about them right away. Craigslist is like a treasure hunt, and you have to find the X’s to win those listings. Sellers who post on Craigslist are quite motivated, and using the IFTTT helps you find these listings first. Your Virtual Assistant can set up and manage your Craigslist hunts and ensure that you are finding those listings.
  2. Pipeline Reports—Pipeline reports are another critical element to your success. Again, your Virtual Assistant can prepare these for you and send them out as often as you need them.
  • Pipeline Reports Should include:
    • Warm-Hot Prospects
    • Clients under contract with a purchase agreement
    • Assigned Items
    • Pending deposits
    • Title Information
    • Closing properties with dates
  1. Research—Your Virtual Assistant can do all the necessary research for various transactions and reports.
    • Some of their research could include:
      • Cash buying trends
      • SEO Keywords
      • Lists of Property Managers and contact information
  2. Middle Man or Conduit—Your Virtual Assistant can act as the middleman or conduit between you and your prospects to ensure that the people you are directly speaking to are not dead-ends that will be a waste of time.

MyOutDesk can help you find the talent who will be a perfect match for you and your business.

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