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Small businesses are the lifeline of communities. That’s why it is normal that owners & employees are currently feeling worried and panicked in today’s economic downfall. Despite the challenges, we can all find glimmers of hope and persistence daily!

The unfamiliarity of what the future holds is the source of the roller-coaster of emotions. And, the best best way to ultimately overcome this recession is to ramp up on staying informed and mitigating risk.

One factor has remained the same — businesses and customers want speed & efficiency. And in today’s stay-at-home culture, experienced virtual assistants who are well-practiced in providing an effective remote operation are the key to business growth.


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For businesses to stay resilient against the Coronavirus crisis, it’s back to the basics.


Now more than ever, it’s time for owners and entrepreneurs to go back to the basic fundamentals of business. Reflect on the essence of what business means. In our understanding, it’s about providing a valued product and understanding its demand.


Yes, it’s possible to grow business during COVID-19


1) As a quick exercise What value does an ice cream parlor business usually provide? (“Pre-Corona”)

Answer: A/C, Service, Social Atmosphere, Memories, Nostalgia, Speed

2) Take that answer and consider this next question During the COVID-19 crisis, how can the business recreate those types of value in a version that buyers need today? (“Post-Corona”)

Think outside the literal box (storefront). If their storefront is no longer providing the same value of a great social atmosphere to create memories, how do you provide that when people are bored and at home?

Answer: Trendy ice-cream party kits (equipped with parlor-themed decorations & hats), delivered by your smiling worker in parlor attire.


To grow today, it’s time to imagine a value beyond your main products and services.

With the ever-changing guidelines & work restrictions, most businesses today are struggling on maintaining a good experience for their clients & customers. That can change today.

For almost any function that can be done remotely and doesn’t require physical space, virtual assistants for recruitment & administrative jobs are cost-effective and allow us adequate focus & time for our functions.

MyOutDesk Virtual assistants are known to exceed expectations in providing excellent customer service and seamless administrative operations.

We will save you up to 70% on employment costs with experienced virtual assistants, precisely matched for your strategic needs. To book an interview with those in our talent pool, click here


An Optimistic Future for 2020: A Thriving Business Outlook

Charles and Olivia share, “If the small business owner is impacted, everyone is impacted. The TOP 2 things that CANNOT be cut are the people to who we are committed, which are our employees and virtual assistants.”

Take our clients’ words for it. “Virtual Assistants are key. Without VAs, it limits us and we have more responsibilities in-house. A VA is significantly more affordable to the business pattern. We get more value for the price. This is essential and instrumental for our growth, not only now but long-term 3-5 years out, we will continue to grow our number of VAs.”

Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation

Survive and Thrive

We are here only for your success. That’s why MyOutDesk is offering zero-obligation strategy calls with free access to our guides and books.

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  • The CEO Mindset. Lead by example, double down, and gain market share.
  • Your piece of the $2.2 trillion stimulus money. Figure out which part of the stimulus you can benefit from. Understand how to gain free money through forgivable loans and grants.
  • Refreshed value. Understand what people want and need now, and how your business can respond to these demands.
  • Becoming an Exceptional Force – all while reducing operational costs. Reduce operational costs with virtual assistants, a forgivable expense through the SBA. Restructure to a remote workspace and create new plans with a CEO’s mindset.

MyOutDesk brings you 15

years of recession-tackling knowledge. We are committed to supporting your continued drive to champion a thriving business and support your local community during the COVID-19 health crisis. Schedule a free strategy call today.

Don’t do this alone, but with the MOD Family.

Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation


We pray that your team, families, and communities remain safe and healthy during this time of heightened concern.