6 Stages to a 7 Figure Business, Part 3 – Marketing & Blended Teams

By: Abby | Updated: February 19, 2020
a myoutdesk virtual assistant multi-tasking

Attracting and retaining top digital marketing talent for your team is a time-intensive process. However, it is one of the most important growth decisions you’ll make as a business owner. On the flip side of that, it will be the most expensive mistake you make if the process is rushed and you onboard bad hires. To reduce the cost and risk of growing your marketing team, consider a blended Virtual Professional team.

Virtual Professionals can help your existing marketing operations team.

  1. Content Marketing: Creation and sharing of value-added content are essential to winning over prospects or customers.
  2. Email/SMS Marketing: Marketing communication is all about making sure that your customers/clients remember you and the perfect way to do this is through email/SMS marketing.
  3. Website Update and Maintenance: Tasks include adding new images, videos, and content; adding meta tags and descriptions; linking to other posts, etc.

We know how crucial marketing is for your Business. On top of the traditional methods like flyers, door hangers, etc., online marketing has become essential in every marketing strategy today. We know how much time and effort it takes to juggle all your social media platforms, emails, website, blogs, etc.

Marketing Virtual Assistants can handle all of these things for you! They can create posts for your social media platforms, establish your expertise in your market, and ensure that there is always engagement for your audience. They can handle your email and drip campaigns, creating and setting up sends to ensure that you keep in constant touch with your database, updating them with the latest goings-on in your business. They can also do your blogging, be it writing out specified content that you curate or posting pieces you have created yourself. They can help create targeted ads for social media or even flyers for you to print out and send.

Do you have an open house or event that you need to spread the word about? Specific listings that you would like to highlight? Do you have topics related to the Real Estate industry that you are an expert on and would like to share that expertise, thus establishing your reputation as a reliable source? Your Virtual Assistant can help you do all of that and more.

Marketing is a crucial yet time-consuming branch of your business. These days to make any impact, you need to ensure that all your campaigns are running steadily and that any and all leads coming in are being put in the proper funnels. Running a winning marketing branch needs dedication and consistency that you may not have the time for. As a business owner/entrepreneur, you are not simply a marketer. Having a Marketing Virtual Assistant may be what you need to establish a strong marketing arm for your business.