3Rs: Building A Sales Organization

Building A Sales Organization

Another mnemonic I’d like you to remember that will help you and your team stay firmly in the dollar-productive zone is the 3Rs: Referral Strategies, Recommendations, and Reviews. Why is this important? Recently we began to ask our clients via text and email this question: “What is the one reason you choose to do business with MyOutDesk?”

We received several different responses. So we next asked everyone to choose one from the top three responses we’d received. Overwhelmingly, our clients reported that they choose us because of the quality of talent we provide (which allows them to scale). The two runner-up reasons were that we are the price leaders in our industry and that they know and trust MyOutDesk because of our ten-year history and client track record.

How do we know this? Because MyOutDesk cares, and so we asked our clients. Because we listen to our clients. Because of this strategy: the 3Rs!

Referral Strategies

We have already discussed the importance of referrals in scaling your business to the seven-figure level. It’s about building relationships personally, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be systematized. A referral strategy is something that many substages one, two, or three business owners have never considered before, but it is such a crucial aspect of the 7-Figure Business Roadmap. Our team has systemwide automated referral reminders built into the client portal. We also have specific virtual professional and client touchpoints that remind them how much we value referrals. We expect our clients and virtual professionals to refer three people to MyOutDesk within the first ninety days of doing business. This expectation is set from the start of the sales process.


Having a system around recommendations is a powerful scaling tool in our internet-driven world. You can use testimonial-style recommendations on your website and social media pages to bolster your company’s public image. It would help if you always were nurturing your online presence, and the great news is virtual professionals can do much of this work for you. MyOutDesk has an automated touchpoint that generates recommendations. It regularly surveys our clients and virtual professionals for net promoter scores (a management tool that can be used to gauge customer relationships), produces client/virtual professional video testimonials, and creates focus groups as part of our Because We Listen and Deliver pro-gram. We have a robust reporting structure around the 3Rs and can use it as a predictable statistical data set.


Reviews are vital to just about any business today. Reviews drive so much business, and you must have a process surrounding how yours will be systematically gathered for you and posted online. Your VPs can be pursuing reviews in their communications with clients. There are also automated email tools that can ask for reviews with a quick “Hey, give me a couple of sentences. Tell me what you think.” Your VPs can help you manage to share those reviews. Once you generate great reviews, they have lasting value; they are viewed repeatedly by potential customers, driving revenue back to your business.

We have a process in place so that when someone says that our VPs amaze them, we point that person to an area to do an online review. There will be specific sites you will want to be well represented on. These days, you can pick up your iPhone and ask Siri, “Who’s the best real estate agent in Yorba Linda, California?” or “Where is the best restaurant near me?” Siri and other search tools gather that information from sites like Yelp and Google, so you have to make sure you have a presence on those tools to the best possible degree.

We Are A Sales Organization

The 3Rs and 4Ps are so important that to take the next step on the 7-Figure Business Roadmap, every employee you have must somehow be involved in the identification, attraction, and retention of customers. That is the path to growth and scaling. We do at MyOutDesk isn’t just selling the services of virtual professionals; we are selling you the ability to close more business in a year. We are selling an opportunity to fast-track the growth of your company and scale.

Even though taking on virtual professionals may seem like an increase in overhead at first, every dollar you spend on virtual professionals will add at least three dollars to your bottom line (some of our clients have said the return is as much as eight times each dollar spent). Once your team is in place, you should ensure that what is paramount to every employee is to get and keep customers, with no exceptions directly. If you allow your team to focus too much on all the little details and take their eyes off getting and keep- ing customers, that is precisely what you will get: everything but customers.