Repurposing Content

One virtual marketing coordinator role that will benefit your business is repurposing content. When you create a blog post, for example, and put it on your website, you can have someone repurpose that content and multiply its effect. You can tweet about it. You can put it on LinkedIn. You can send video content to YouTube. There are so many ways your unique content can be proliferated out in the world when you have someone to do that cyber-legwork for you. If there is a call to action to schedule a consultation, to subscribe to a newsletter, to get more information, to download something, or to do whatever your lead-gathering strategy might be, your marketing coordinator can put more eyes on it. This is a tried-and-true driver of new business.


I love client referral events. Having your VPs track referral events can be a huge part of your growth. If your business is operating well, you probably have 25 to 50 percent of your business coming from referrals, but tracking them is not necessarily something you should be spending your time on as an entrepreneur and business owner. So ask a VP to do it for you.

Social Media

Social media has gone from being a useful business tool to a critical and mandatory focus in recent years. Every social media platform has a different format, and that means it takes time, energy, and effort to create different content for those formats. However, there is a medium for every form of content, and we have VPs who are experts at optimizing your exposure through those platforms for you.

For example, let’s say you have five thousand Facebook friends. How do you know that these are the best five thousand to have? You can have your virtual professional put them through a process where people you’ve engaged with are coming up more and more on your screen. As a result, you’re driving more and more referrals through your community and creating posts in return. Seemingly overnight, you are a bit of a local celebrity! But again, you don’t want social media to consume your own time so that you can delegate it to a VP.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a huge deal and is a vital aspect of scaling along with the 7-Figure Business Roadmap. Everyone at the They Do It stage has some marketing automation in place. Running a marketing automation system involves a lot of work inputting information into a CRM application, setting up email campaigns, and setting up drip campaigns. Luckily, all that can be done virtually as well.

Impressed with what our sales and marketing virtual professionals can do? Wait until you see how operations and administrative professionals can transform your business.