The 7 Figure Business Roadmap

Business and sports provide very similar experiences for people who want to be champions and win. There’s a coach and per- haps a couple of assistant coaches in any high school sport, a workout discipline, a required practice schedule, and matches to test your team’s ability against the competition’s. In business, the same systems exist. You can have a coach, a workout discipline, and daily practice routines, and then you get to be in front of clients fighting for the business.

The 7-Figure Business Roadmap describes, for business owners, what is equivalent to the differences among competing in high school, college, and the pros. It’s a clear articulation of the player’s landscape: the challenges, key drivers, and team member rosters. In addition, the Business Roadmap will help you focus on the things that matter at different revenue and team size levels. So if you dream about playing in your industry’s version of the NFL, get the 7-Figure Business Roadmap, so while you’re in college or even high school, you can practice like you’re going pro.

The “I” Do It Stage

There is a lot of excitement in the I Do It stage. I Do It entrepreneurs are new to an industry and have a hunger for learning. Their business is indeed their baby, and they think, “I built it, and it works for me.” Which is fine in the beginning. Most of the time, they are solopreneurs, meaning they do the work themselves. They are also often learning how to solve a problem and be compensated based on how big that problem is (the market) and how well they solve it (the value proposition). They are really in the process of “becoming.”

The upside for I Do It is their overhead is low, and most of the revenue the business makes goes right to them. At this stage, there are no or few employees to provide for. I Do Its need to learn how to get a deeper understanding of their industry, generate revenue, who their clients are, and what their value proposition is out on the market.

The “WE” Do It Stage

At MyOutDesk, we help many businesses scale through the “We Do It” stage because the We Do It has begun to focus on hiring people and creating efficient systems and processes, which is our forte. If your business is at this stage, you have already hired an assistant and perhaps another salesperson or whoever is a producer in your world. You are also trying to pinpoint how you’ve become successful, extract that from your mind, and put a system or process around it so that others can duplicate that success.

At the We Do It stage, there are a lot of small and tight-knit teams. You might rent an office at this stage and start building a name for your- self. You might become a little bit of a local celebrity along the way. You are networking a lot and have begun to impact your local community at a higher stage.

I tell people that becoming an I Do It entrepreneur is like getting a four-year degree in terms of difficulty. Moving to the We Do It stage is more like getting a master’s degree and a Ph.D. all at the same time. It’s not easy, but you are truly building business value and a future asset worth selling on the open market once you do it.

The “They Do It” Do It Stage

As you scale, your business will shift to the “They Do It” stage. It is an exciting place to be. The big difference between the We Do It stage and the They Do It stage is that at the They Do It stage, the company’s production is no longer reliant on only you, the owner. Freedom is born here. A They Do It entrepreneur can take a day or two off (or a whole month), and the business continues to sell and move forward with the systems in place.

This is not to say that you are no longer selling at this stage. You are still selling, but at this point, you are focusing on only the most major, game-changing deals. You’re creating a channel of sales opportunities and strategic partnerships, and your employees are handling the day-to-day, transactional business.

Another big difference at this stage is that you are no longer chasing business. You have created a name for yourself and may even be well-known in your community, and that recognition for your name and company draws business into you.

What sets the We Do It, and the They Do It’s apart is not just the size of the company or the number of employees but rather the creation of independent company culture. You will have given your employees a feeling that they are doing more than simply putting money in your bank account by working for you. Your employees will believe in your mission and vision, including giving back to your community and the world.

Download or view the book resource: The 7-Figure Business Roadmap