Real Estate Virtual Assistants: The Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Professionals

By: Jeremy | Updated: April 9, 2021
Real estate virtual assistants working at at computer a quick start guide

Learn how to grow your real estate business by leveraging the services and capabilities of real estate virtual assistants. This guide shares how to get started.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants: A Quick Start Guide for Realty Pros

Are you drowning in a flood of paperwork or can’t seem to get off the phone for five seconds? It may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants for real estate businesses are able to take care of small or large tasks during your normal workday so that you’ll be able to take back control of your day.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of real estate virtual assistants as well as how they can aid your real estate business!

Virtual Assistant Tasks

When it comes to real estate, we know that you juggle multiple roles a day–from digital marketer, and customer service agent, to the kind shoulder to cry on when a seller is overwhelmed. You can hire for one or even multiple tasks depending on your workload during the day. Here are just some of the few tasks that a virtual assistant is able to help you with:

Inside Sales

Prospecting new leads with phone calls is a tried-and-true method of getting the word out, but it can be exhausting when you have multiple clients on your plate. Virtual assistants are capable of making cold calls for you, qualifying new leads, and following up with prospective clients.

Administrative Support

Are you having trouble wrangling your calendar into shape? Virtual assistants can provide a variety of different administrative tasks, from fielding calls to scheduling important meetings on your calendar. They can also help you manage your CRM software so that you can keep track of current, potential, and new leads that need a follow-up call.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing listings and your brand are some of the top ways to stay relevant and attract new buyers or sellers. However, posting consistent, quality content can be overwhelming. For instance, you need to be engaging with people online as well as using relevant captions and hashtags.

Virtual assistants can help with the marketing side of your business. They can run social media campaigns or simply post weekly on your Instagram page.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Now that you know some of the tasks virtual assistants are able to aid you with, it’s important that you hire one for the right reasons. Take a few minutes and consider what a typical work week looks like for you. You’ll also want to consider what your energy levels are like throughout the day.

For instance, do you find that you quickly become exhausted by multiple phone calls? Then you may want a virtual assistant for administrative support. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to keep up with your social media profiles, a virtual assistant that helps with digital marketing may be more beneficial.

Make Life Easier With Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real estate virtual assistants come with a variety of skill sets and experience so that you can find the right person to help you with your workload. Whether you’re frustrated by the marketing aspects of your real estate business or have difficulty scheduling open houses, it’s possible to find a solution that works for you.

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