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How to Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business

If you want to be effective as a real estate business owner or executive, you have to be efficient with your time—and the answer to that is outsourcing several of these tasks to virtual assistants.

Dan Trujillo

Key Takeaway

A virtual assistant (VA) provides remote support for administrative, creative, or technical tasks for businesses. VAs can help with various day-to-day tasks like social media, email management, bookkeeping, and much more — tasks that are necessary but time-consuming. Hiring a VA can save businesses time and money while allowing for more flexibility in their operations.


If you’re like most real estate professionals, even high producing agents, these two questions can instantly stop your business from: growing, making more money, and doing it in less time.

  1. What tasks can I trust an assistant with?
  2. I don’t think I have enough work for a full-time assistant?

With MOD in the virtual assistance space and decades of experience in the real estate industry, MyOutDesk has found it near impossible for a client to not, “have enough work . . .” for a full-time real estate virtual assistant or tasks they can, “trust an assistant with.” And it does not matter if the assistant is a local hire or a virtual assistant.

It’s easy to give advice and say, to grow your real estate business, focus more of your time on revenue. What’s not easy is implementing this plan so you can, “buy back” your time and concentrate on growing revenue and less on the “chores” that keep you working 60-plus hours a week, spending more time in your car, office, and inside your clients home . . . than your own home!

This Is How You Buy Back Your Time!

Closing a property has hundreds of microtransactions. Some transactions are less important and some transactions are fragile. However, each transaction is critical to closing a property and your time is too expensive to spend on transaction chores.

Assign these critical chores to an experienced and trained real estate virtual assistant so you can:

  • Spend more time away from the business
  • Don’t, “have to work” 60 to 70 hours a week
  • And . . . still grow your business

Stop — Being the highest paid, over qualified assistant in your real estate business!

If you want to grow the business, you can’t afford — not to reassign tasks that make you . . . your very own, overpaid assistant.

1. Reassign “Chores” That Slow Down New Revenue Tasks

There is a huge difference between errands and money-saving tasks. Once you are on board with how affordable a full-time assistant is, the initial concern, “do I have enough work to keep an assistant busy” is gone and every task you don’t want to do, becomes your assistant’s task. Don’t do this!

Call my dentist” . . . is not really the best use of your new real estate virtual assistant if you want to make more money in less time.

MyOutDesk assistants are highly qualified and best used as the person who holds the nail while swinging the hammer, as opposed to being the hammer or a nail. Sure, your virtual assistant is more than willing to schedule that dentist appointment and will. Instead, have your virtual assistant help close that escrow, curate new leads, and get you back to selling.

Growing a business has a lot to do with using the right tool for the job and a real estate virtual assistant is the right tool to buy back your time.

This hammer analogy is why MyOutDesk is years apart ([mod_total_years] to be exact) from the 500 or so competitors and one of the longest-running virtual assistant companies.

There are 499 other companies in the industry who want to offer you a nail. MyOutDesk offers experienced assistants and a strategic plan to integrate an assistant into your business that is backed by more than a decade of industry experience.

#1 MyOutDesk — Rated BEST in overall value, talent, and hiring process . . . 3-years in a row ~ TechRadar.

The MyOutDesk (Real Estate Virtual Assistant) Difference:

  1. We only offer full-time virtual assistants (a MyOutDesk virtual assistant doesn’t cost much more than a competitor’s micro or part-time assistant and on average is 70% cheaper than a local hire.)
  2. We have vetted over 300K applicants and hired the top 1%.
  3. Many of our client-assigned assistants have been with MyOutDesk for 3 to 6-years and some for up to 8 years.
  4. Our assistants undergo an FBI-style background and fingerprint check.
  5. Employment and skills are fully vetted for accuracy by two internal cross-checks.
  6. Most importantly, MyOutDesk real estate virtual assistant’s have a high degree of talent, skills, and training.

Plus: A MyOutDesk assistant receives an above average salary, medical, and other benefits.

At MyOutDesk we serve over [mod_total_clients] clients and have [mod_total_reviews]+ 5-Star reviews.

Another key differentiator, is we maintain a pool of already background-checked, qualified assistants waiting for an assignment.

2. What Are The Best Real Estate Tasks To Buy Back Your Time?

A list of the same, overly quoted, top-5 to 10 tasks a real estate virtual assistant can perform would be the typical thing to do.

However, real estate is an industry that regularly changes, and each agent, broker, and the office operates in a unique way.

If you’re considering a virtual assistant, you are experienced enough to know where a virtual assistant can immediately impact your business.

Shortly, we will share real examples of how our clients have profited by hiring a real estate virtual assistant. Otherwise, a professional assistant can handle any aspect or task of the business you are willing to turn over. For example:

  • Cold calling
  • Inside Sales Agent (ISA) tasks
  • Manage the intake process
  • Data mining and MLS Management
  • Lead Control — cold and warn
  • Marketing
  • Customer service — scheduling, checking with clients, reminders

. . .  or any task that keeps you stuck in “chore” mode.

Real Client Examples:

Cold Calling

Rex, a MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA, was tasked with making 100 outbound calls a day. Over a 10-month period, this is the client’s actual ROI.

They spent 168 out of 170 hours on the phone last month . . . 199 appointments set, 142 closed . . . our virtual assistant created $7.5 million in sales potential and $200k in GCI . . . for less than $1800 a month!


This client now has 3-full time MyOutDesk virtual assistants working in their real estate business.

Transaction Time:

30 hours a week was put back into selling properties.

Real estate brokers, Bruce & Michelle Brunk started their assistant with a single responsibility – preparing pre-listing packages. Over time their virtual assistant became an integral part of managing the workflow of every transaction in the Brunk’s pipeline.

The Brunk’s: I cut transaction time from 60-hours to 15 with a virtual assistant from MyOutDesk and re-focused 60% of my time back into the business.


What if you could cut your per-transaction time from 45 to 15 hours? What if you could buy back an extra 30 hours a week for selling?

Administrative Tasks

Keller Williams’ top agent, Ken W. hired a real estate virtual assistant from MyOutDesk to act as Ken’s email gatekeeper and screen more than 250 emails a day.

Ken: My ROI for hiring my assistant is easily and conservatively five-to-one.

Ken’s assistant was the right tool to handle his listing management, prepare proposals, and maintain trend reports, and spreadsheets essential to Ken’s business.

Ken appreciates that his virtual assistant is always looking for new ways to leverage their skills and find ways Ken can buy back more of his time.

3. Job Description Templates To Get Your Assistant Up and Running

Here are some starter job descriptions to give you some ideas:

4. Hiring Local Employees Vs. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The way you source and hire an employee has dramatically changed and so has the risks and cost.

Hiring and dismissing a traditional employee carries a lot of risks. Even the people you don’t hire can land you in a mess . . . ask one wrong question during an interview.

You can manage the risk by using a temp agency or temp-to-perm employee. Staffing agencies can save time, but the cost of acquiring an employee goes up. Hiring independent contractors come with a lot of risks. The penalties for using a contractor like an employee, but classifying them as a contractor is costly . . . ask the IRS!

Turn the employee relationship over to a service provider. With a service provider, you pay one monthly bill. There is no commissions to pay a staffing or temp-to-perm agency. You don’t spend months interviewing and hope you vetted your new hire enough. You don’t have to pay medical or other benefits. You don’t have to worry about payroll and employee taxes.

With a service provider, you get the fruit of the labor while the service provider deals with the employee relationship.

To learn more about the difference between hiring a traditional employee versus a MyOutDesk real estate virtual assistant schedule a call with one of our placement strategists.

5. Final Thoughts

Taking care of your real estate business often requires getting a clear understanding of your non-revenue-generating tasks. That’s where virtual assistants come in handy to buy back your time, and give them those chores that keep you too busy to find new revenue. Consider using virtual assistants from the oldest VA company in the industry . . . MyOutDesk.

6. Talk To A MyOutDesk Placement Strategist

Dan Trujillo

Dan Trujillo

Writer at MyOutDesk

Dan, based in Sacramento, California, has over 5 years of experience copywriting for the virtual assistant industry. He produces content for social media, blogs, case studies, and publications with MyOutDesk.

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