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How to Use Microsoft Teams to Manage Virtual Assistants and Teams

Microsoft Teams, introduced in 2017, is a collaborative tool that integrates seamlessly with Office 365, allowing professionals across various industries to work together efficiently. This platform is especially useful for integrating virtual assistants into teams, facilitating chat, video calls, and document sharing, ensuring smooth collaboration regardless of location.

Dan Trujillo
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Since its introduction in 2017, Microsoft Teams has quickly become a favorite tool for a collaborative workforce. It allows professionals from a wide variety of industries and departments to be productive and work together.

It also allows companies to easily integrate virtual assistants into their teams and scale up, increasing productivity in an affordable, fast way.

Not sure how to use Microsoft Teams with a virtual assistant? It’s easier than you think. Here’s how.

What is “Microsoft Teams”?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based system in Office 365 that enables collaborative work. Teams allow members of the same organization to chat, video call, and edit and share files together. “Teams” is a part of Microsoft’s larger suite of subscription services called Microsoft 365.

The cost of Microsoft Teams ranges from free for a limited version, to $20 a month for the most expensive package. It’s an affordable method of allowing collaboration, regardless of your industry or workplace location.

You can easily integrate new members into your Team. This includes remote workers like virtual assistants. This will allow you to fully take advantage of any virtual workers and help them easily communicate and collaborate with you.

Creating a Microsoft Team

On the Teams app, select the Teams tab on the left, then click “Join or create a team.” If you choose to create a team you can then build a new team from scratch or choose to create a team from an existing group or team. Then choose the desired privacy and name for your team.

Inviting New Team Members

You can add a new member to your team in several different ways. You can invite existing members to your teams or invite someone outside of your organization. The first involves selecting the three dots next to the name of your team under the Teams tab and choosing to add them by their name.

For someone outside of your organization, you will want to choose the “Invite people” option on the Teams tab. Then enter their email address. Any valid email address will do, but if they don’t already have a Microsoft account they will be required to create one.

Managing Microsoft Teams

Now that you’ve added a virtual assistant to your team, it’s time to manage the team. There are a few different functions you might find useful when working with a virtual team.

Chat in teams is fairly straightforward, and functions similarly to other instant messaging systems. You can use the chat field at the bottom of the screen to send a message to everyone, or you can individually chat with your assistant by using the “New Chat” feature at the top.

To schedule a meeting, use the calendar on the left side of the app and choose a new meeting. From there you can set the date, and time, and invite others to the meeting. You can also schedule a meeting in Outlook and have it show up in Teams or vice versa.

Finally to have a video call with your virtual assistant, select the “New chat” option from your chat list, and enter the name of the person you want to call. Then choose a video or audio call.

Add a Virtual Assistant to Your Microsoft Teams

It’s easy to incorporate a virtual assistant into your Microsoft Teams.

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