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By: Abby | Updated: May 2, 2019
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Out of the top 100 Real Estate teams in the country, 36% have at least 1 Real Estate Virtual Assistant from MyOutDesk, and out of the top ten teams, 50% have one. Our Virtual Assistants provide value and help increase commission and revenue, bringing more time and leverage to our clients.

96% of business owners NEVER get to seven figures in revenue, and 60% of those made NO MONEY. So what are the 4% doing that the rest are not to hit those 7 figures? They build optimized systems and hire talented people!

Do you want to be part of the 4%? Are you ready to scale your business? One of the biggest challenges Real Estate professionals face is spending too much time IN the business and not ON it. In this conversation with Jim Zamarron, or CEO/Founder Daniel Ramsey discusses creating systems that will give you the freedom to scale your Real Estate business. Learn how to scale and create a 7 figure Real Estate Business using systems & delegation! Also, find out how over 5,000 agents and brokers have drastically changed their lives and time freedom using MyOutDesk and how to outsource ethically.

As an entrepreneur, you have to look at your business as a system. Systems run businesses. They can be as simple as scheduling software or a checklist or as complex as a CRM. As an entrepreneur, you take the great financial risk to organize and optimize a system. That is the true definition of an entrepreneur who takes great risks to optimize systems and people. You only need to think about how to do this if you truly want to scale your business. Optimize the process. Put together systems that can be automated, and then figure out what you can outsource.

Build processes and optimize them through automating what you can and hiring the right people to run them. Automate using whatever the best technology is to augment your process and make things easier for you. For everything else, you need someone to run it for you. It’s about zooming in on what you think you are worth and focusing your time on that. Get clarity on what you need to get off your plate. Don’t do $10 an hour work if you are worth $500 an hour. If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.

Once you determine what areas of your business can be delegated to someone, you find the right talent to match those responsibilities and foster those talents to run your systems. Find people who are as good as you or even better at running these systems so you can focus on the revenue-productive areas of your business.

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