Quality Talent Acquisition: The Process & Systems for Predictable Results!

By: Jeremy | Updated: December 22, 2020

In this special webinar, we share an effective & proven recruitment model that is entirely process-driven, where you can find predictable results in bringing high-caliber talent into your team.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • The biggest mistakes that businesses make with talent acquisition
  • Bulletproof Process on Ad Placements
  • How to take advantage of short-term opportunities in our labor market

In today’s unprecedented time, there is a real opportunity to grow your business.

BIG NUMBERS: 50k people per day are applying for unemployment. This is a time to take advantage of the short-term trend. Talent has never been more available and affordable.

Normally, there is a huge gap between the number of available workers and the number of available jobs. Usually, there are more available jobs than qualified, quality workers. 

When COVID-19 hit, this caused lots of layoffs

Today during the pandemic, the trend has changed, and there are more quality workers who are ready for hire. This massive shift in the market will eventually go back to normal.

If you have the foresight, start talking to candidates now and have the opportunity to get better people who were laid off by older, destabilized companies.

The labor opportunity window is open right now.


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Patrick Johnson, CEO of Talentuition (a MyOutDesk client) provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). They focus on “process outsourcing” more so than traditional headhunting or recruiting.

Recruitment Fundamentals
  • The mistake of prioritizing skills & experience over culture fit & talent.
  • Recruitment should follow this order: Culture fit, talent, skills, and experience
  • There are two things you can’t teach people: culture fit & talent. So skills and experience can follow.
What is culture fit when hiring?

The right candidate who matches your culture is the one you’ve considered once before, (think this mentality) : “We’re not ready to hire yet, but as soon as we do we want you.”

When hiring, culture fit usually gets bumped down when skillsets & experience get prioritized over. Again, remember to prioritize in this order: culture fit, talent, skills, and experience. This webinar goes into detail on the technicalities of posting your jobs while attracting the right culture fit.

How to know if it’s talent or not

In basketball drafts, Player A has played ball for 10 years and they know how to do everything (he has the skills & experience). Player B is someone who can do the shots, the dunks, and the plays — he has the talent! With both of them together, the culture is the team.

Tip: People apply to several companies at the same time — so the response you make puts you out there in front of other companies for the candidate. Never be that employer who doesn’t reply to any questions.

2 Reasons to Recruit Now

#1 Lots of people got laid off with the pandemic, even those who had 10+ years & are highly sought after — you can get them now!

#2 Now is also the perfect time to make timely investments in your business, use the downtime so you can push your curve steeply when you bounce back.


You can contact Patrick Johnson at Patrick@talentuition.com, visit their website: talentuition.com, or email info@talentuition.com.

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