BlogWebinarsMake More Money & Work Less In 2019! (With Debbie De Grote)

Make More Money & Work Less In 2019! (With Debbie De Grote)

Learn how to overcome your prospecting fears, generate more leads than you ever thought possible, become a natural & ethical self-promoter, and break the negative patterns holding back your real estate business! We're joined by Debbie de Grote, the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching, a five-time author and Real Estate Hall of Fame winner. While her background focuses primarily on Real Estate, her coaching and consultancy experience extends to other industries that revolve around sales.


Key Takeaway

Join Real Estate Hall of Fame winner Debbie de Grote, the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching, to overcome prospecting fears, generate more leads, become an ethical self-promoter, and break negative patterns in your real estate business, benefiting from her extensive coaching experience across various industries focused on sales, with a team of highly experienced coaches ready to provide customized coaching tailored to individual needs.

Mastering Real Estate Prospecting with Debbie de Grote

Unlock the secrets to conquering prospecting apprehensions, amassing unprecedented leads, evolving into an authentic & ethical self-advocate, and shattering the detrimental cycles impeding your real estate trajectory!

About Debbie de Grote: A Luminary in Real Estate Coaching

We’re privileged to have Debbie de Grote onboard, the distinguished Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching, celebrated as a quintuple author, and the recipient of the prestigious Real Estate Hall of Fame award. While her prowess is predominantly in Real Estate, she lends her coaching and consultancy brilliance to various sectors centered around sales.

A Two-Decade Legacy in Coaching

Spanning the last 20 years, Debbie’s reputation as one of the premier coaches in the Real Estate domain remains unparalleled. She has mentored the crème de la crème in sales, brokerage, mortgage, title, escrow, and insurance across North America.

“Many, many clients I’ve had over the years that have used MyOutDesk virtual assistants, once they let go and they take those pieces they can hand off, they’re shocked at how actually how much more efficient someone else can be when it is their primary focus and they’re very well-trained for it. But, they have to be willing to sit down and take a look at what they do and say, “Is this the highest and best use of my time?” – Debbie De Grote

Excelleum Coaching: A Customized Approach to Success

In 2013, after esteemed tenures as a Coach and leader in prominent coaching organizations, Debbie embarked on her journey to establish her own firm, dedicated to high-caliber, tailored coaching and consultancy. Echoing her primary expertise in Real Estate, her coaching spectrum expands to various sales-driven sectors.

An Impressive Track Record

Debbie’s credentials include an astounding 80,000 personal coaching sessions, a myriad of webinars, live events, and her regular presence as a coveted speaker at numerous eminent conventions. She staunchly believes in the uniqueness of every agent, broker, and brand, advocating for personalized coaching that caters to their distinct needs. Upholding such a refined coaching ethos demands unparalleled expertise, leading Debbie to onboard only the most seasoned Coaches, each boasting 20-40 years of real estate acumen.

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