Virtual Client Success: Ask Me Anything!

By: Tim | Updated: October 21, 2019

Want to know the best way to integrate your virtual assistant into your business? Of course, you do! Every MyOutDesk client wants to maximize the ROI on their investment in virtual assistants—and we have a vested interest in your success!

In this exceptional webinar, MyOutDesk Founder & CEO Daniel Ramsey hosts a live discussion with MyOutDesk clients. He discusses tactical, practical & utterly invaluable strategies to utilize a virtual assistant in your business best!

Watch now as our clients bring their toughest questions to this special “ask me anything” session, and learn how to effectively leverage your virtual assistant to maximize your cost-savings and increase your business profitability

“As an entrepreneur, we move fast and have to focus on 30 different things – and sometimes we don’t fully articulate the outcome for the tasks we delegate. That’s why it’s important to slow down & document what you do, and put in place a standard operating procedure that lets you effectively delegate that task.” – Daniel Ramsey

We’ll be covering many of the strategies that come straight out of our new book, “Scale With Virtual Professionals”—so if you don’t have that yet, click here to download a copy now! In it, you’ll learn about the 30x Rule, the Sticky Challenge, how to focus on outcomes instead of tasks, how to easily & effectively delegate tasks to your virtual assistant, and a variety of other crucial points to get the most from your VA.

Watch now as Daniel reviews best practices for maximizing your virtual assistant success.